Rasberry Toggle

Rasperry Toggle . COM is a raspberry Pi project created to experiment with home automation.

The project consist of a Raspberry Pi, a web cam, a variable DC voltage supply and a Halogen light bulb. When a user clicks the link to toggle the light bulb, The PHP script using a free web api to check the country of origin of the client and adds an entry into a database that provides the timestamp of the action and the location of the client as well as the action itself. It then toggles a GPIO pin on the raspberry pi to activate the relay powering the bulb.

Every hour, a script is run on to update the statistics on the world map, with the length of time each country has had the light on or off and roughly how much that country has added to my electricity bill.

The Raspberry Pi also has a cvlc video feed that provides a real time view of the table behind my TV.

Visit The Website

or view the live feed http://colision.info:8080